Sweden Rocket Research Group SRRG is developing a new generation of low-cost, unmanned orbital launch vehicle, designed for minimum cost and maximum reliability. The Pegasus is a multi-purpose launch carrier "MPLC", meaning it can be customized for each mission by requirements.

To reach orbit, we use a 2-stage rocket design. The MPLC which is the first stage using a  propellants combination of  85-90% H2O2 / furfuryl alcohol. These low-cost, storable, environmentally-friendly propellants provide reliable and efficient hypergolic ignition.

We can send up single as well cluster modular units ( Cubsats - up to 80 units at a time) to an altitude of 250 km.


Launch Services

PEGASUS payload capacities range from a minimum of 0,5-kg up to 600 kg.
The launch vehicle payload module can be customized for each mission.

For smaller satellites
Groups of standard 0,5 - 3 kilogram CubeSats are launched in cluster  formation on a single PEGASUS launch vehicle ( No less than 12 units in each launch ). Each satellite will always be placed in its own deployment unit for protection and to ensure a safe and controlled deployment. Each satellite will be released by a preset time sequence.

Basic costs for smaller CubeSats.

0 - 1,5 kg : $ 1100 USD per unit.
                     10000 SEK för varje enhet (SWE)

1,5 - 3 kg : $  1650 USD per unit.
                     15000 SEK för varje enhet (SWE)

Single module launch
The launch costs of a standard satellite will depend on the mass (0,5 - 600 kilogram)
Larger mass payloads result in a lower cost per kilogram.

The basic costs per kilogram is as follows.

0 to 300 kg: $ ...  per kilogram. ( coming soon.. )

300 to 600 kg: $ ...  per kilogram. ( coming soon.. )


The basic costs do not include the price of  deployment, reentry and recovery hardware which can be custom or off-the-shelf.
Prices for heat shields, custom launch adapter system and parachutes varies depending on the sizes.

An order must be made 6 months before launch day.

Additional equipment.
  •  Reentry heat shield
  •  Parachutes
  •  Launch adapter system (Only for single module satellite)


Contact us.

Sebastian Borg
Phone: +4613-146622
Email: Sebastian_borg@hotmail.com

Henrik Ågren
Phone: +46700633181
Email: Henrik.agren@hotmail.com 

Thank you for flying with Sweden Rocket Research Group